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Used and Reconditioned Balancing Machines, Balancing Machine Upgrades

Hofmann used or reconditioned balancing machines are a reliable alternative for organizations with limited budgets. Our remanufactured and upgraded balancers maintain the superior durability and ease-of-operation that Hofmann has provided customers for decades.

Used Balancing Machines

With decades of business contacts in nearly every manufacturing industry, Hofmann purchases used balancing machines for resale. We completely disassemble, sandblast, and repaint them like new. Then we install new cables, bearings, and sensors, as well as refurbished instrumentation. Before offering these remanufactured balancers to you, we fully test and certify them for accuracy and reliability. Options include upgrading to our latest measuring instrumentation.

If interested in purchasing a used balancer from Hofmann, please contact us today. Our balancing experts can analyze your balancing process and offer reliable options... ones that you can trust.

Upgrade or Recondition Your Old Balancer

If you want to upgrade or recondition your existing balancing machine or system, contact us. Hofmann will test the electrical and mechanical components to ensure that they meet or exceed factory standards. We will calibrate the machine and provide certification for your records.

We offer a variety of instrumentation upgrades ranging in features from economy models for simple balancing to more powerful models for complex processes.