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About Our Company

Hofmann is considered the world leader in numerous balancing applications.

Hofmann has designed and produced balancing systems for over 80 years. By contacting Hofmann, you access unequaled balancing knowledge and experience. You discover that our proven success translates into real value and new solutions for today's industry.

The Hofmann Difference: Our Proven Reputation for Excellence

The Hofmann logo is a guarantee of quality products and excellent customer service worldwide. At Hofmann we do not expect you to settle for a standard balancing machine nor "one-size fits all." We fully analyze your rotor and production requirements before offering a solution for your balancing needs. The Hofmann solution will be the right solution.

Hofmann covers a wide range of balancing applications with both universal and custom machine and software designs. We excel in full automation and integrated production line applications. Whether designed and built at our facilities in the U.S.A. or Germany, each product proudly displays that Hofmann guarantee.

History of Hofmann Balancing

The Hofmann Brothers formed Gebrueder Hofmann in Darmstadt, Germany in 1931, anticipating that balancing would play a crucial role in manufacturing industries. Specializing in the design and manufacture of dynamic balancing machines, they developed the first automatic balancing machine to operate with resonance. As Hofmann´s successes in balancing multiplied, the company expanded its factory and business.

Currently, the Hofmann Balancing Group includes two design and production facilities, along with worldwide support personnel to serve its global business: