Vibration Measuring Devices for Vibration Measurement and Field Balancing

From vibration meters to high-end field balancing devices with many options – Hofmann offers vibration measuring devices in top quality.

The MC 1100 vibration meter is used e.g. to measure overall vibration velocity or the condition of rolling bearings. With the MinIbalancer MI 2500, rotating machines are balanced in one or two planes under operating conditions. The VibroLyzer VL 8000 is a high-end field balancing instrument that offers enhanced possibilities for vibration measurement, vibration analysis and machine diagnosis.

Multi-Functional Vibration Measuring Device

Type Machine Control MC 1100

The MC 1100 is the basic vibration meter used to measure vibration velocity vRMS in order to assess the vibration level of rotating machines according to DIN ISO 10816-3.  It also evaluates the condition of rolling bearings using the gSP value according to the shock pulse method. The integrated rotational speed sensor is used to determine the speed of a rotating machine.

As an option, the instrument may be used as a temperature meter or the adjustment of the belt tension in belt drives.

Special features

  • Capturing all important measuring values with one instrument
  • Integrated speed sensor
  • Reliable, easy operation
  • Immediately ready for measuring, no complicated settings required


  • Vibration checking of machines and systems
  • Evaluation of the rolling bearing condition
  • Checking the rotational speed of the machine
  • Temperature measurement (option)
  • Adjustment of belt tension (option)
  • Identification of critical operation regimes of machines
  • Early detection of machine faults



Field Balancing Instrument and Vibration Meter

Type MinIbalancer MI 2500

In no time, the compact and easy to operate Minibalancer MI 2500 helps you to identify vibrations, resonances and correct the unbalance.


  • Simple operator guidance with high-resolution touchscreen
  • Measurement data storage function
  • Measurement data transfer to a PC via the USB interface
  • Vibration analysis
  • Create individual reports using a PC program
  • Low cost; high performance


  • Field balancing in single- or two-plane
  • Detect vibrations at bearings and machine housings
  • Machine and auxiliary equipment condition assessment
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Imbalance measurement
  • rpm measurement
  • Bearing condition measurement
  • Identify Resonances

Instrument for Field Balancing and Machine Diagnosis

Type VibroLyzer VL 8000

The VL 8000 is a high-end field balancing instrument with advanced vibration measurement, vibration analysis and machine diagnosis features.

Special features

  • Intuitive operation with Windows interface
  • Clear presentation of results on very large color LCD
  • Wide speed range up to 300,000 RPM
  • Systematic detection of damage through envelope analysis


  • Field balancing in one or two planes
  • Conversion of unbalance correction into practical balancing methods (e.g. drilling)
  • Frequency analysis to determine the spectral components of a vibration
  • Tracking analysis to capture the run-up or coast-down of a machine and to determine the resonances
  • Envelope analysis to detect damage of rolling bearings or gears
  • USB port to transmit the measurement values to a PC
  • PC software


  • Measuring vibrations of pedestals and machine housings
  • Field balancing on site
  • Recording the condition of rolling element bearings
  • Observing and recording vibration levels
  • Identifying frequencies in a vibration
  • Detecting resonance points and identifying transfer functions
  • Detecting machine damage