Balancing Technology par Excellence

Expertise, experience, flexibility.

Whether it is the crankshaft of a combustion engine, the rotor of an aircraft engine or the disk drive of a PC: Perfectly balanced rotors are crucial for safe and fault-free operation. Less vibration and less unbalance mean higher availability!

Hofmann offers the skills and capabilities that you need to achieve your goals:

  • We have the know-how to measure and evaluate even the smallest vibrations.
  • We have a many years’ experience in the automation of balancing and correction processes.
  • We offer a broad product range which is the basis for developing customized individual solutions

It is our focus to continuously improve. We achieve this by consistently investing in development activities: Approximately 15% of our employees work in research and development. This is the hotbed for new ideas to provide new and even better products. At the same time, we are open for competent input from outside, e.g. via the cooperation with young scientists at technical universities.
Our firmly set goal is to offer you even more powerful balancing solutions. No matter what the requirements are that you have to meet in the field of balancing technology: We will find a convincing, efficient solution for you.

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Hofmann’s Services at a Glance

  • Development, production and assembly of universal balancing machines, complex balancing systems for high-volume production as well as high-speed balancing and over-speed testing installations
  • Active, automatic balancing systems
  • Vibration measuring instruments, field balancing devices, grinding wheel balancing devices
  • Vibration monitoring and sensors
  • Contract balancing and field balancing
  • Comprehensive consulting and support services