Balancing Machines for the Automotive Industry

Hofmann develops and manufactures balancing machines that meet the special requirements of a variety of rotors in the automotive industry.

Crankshafts, Drive Shafts and Conrods

Hofmann’s balancing machines for crankshafts, drive shafts and conrods are used for the balancing of crankshafts, the geometric and mass-centering of crankshafts, and the taring of connecting conrods.

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Turbocharger and Components

For balancing turbochargers and components, Hofmann offers solutions for high-precision balancing of the individual rotor components up to the high-speed balancing of the core group in the operating speed range.

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Transmission Components

The balancing machines for transmission components from Hofmann cover the complete component spectrum within automatic transmission systems. In addition, Hofmann offers balancing machines for differential transmission cases, differential housings and rear-axle differentials.

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Electric Rotors and Hybrid Rotors

All Hofmann balancing machines for electric rotors and hybrid rotors are individually developed and have a modular design. Over 99% machine availability and a balancing accuracy of less than 0.1 gmm / kg speak for themselves.

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Disc-Type Rotors

The main assemblies of the balancing machines for disc-type rotors from Hofmann are completely generated from the Hofmann modular kit V-Line. This modular kit offers a maximum level of versatility and flexibility so that the various rotor types can be balanced by employing a broad range of correction variants.

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Hofmann balancing machines for fans are product-specific solutions resulting from the large number of existing fan designs. Depending on the requirement, Hofmann offers vertical or horizontal dynamic balancing machines for self-propelled fans or for fan impellers which are clamped without clearance using a component specific clamping device and driven by a precision spindle.

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