Balancing Solutions for Small Armatures and Electric Motors

Hofmann is a leading supplier of balancing systems for the small armature and electric motor industry. We offer a flexible range of balancers to accommodate a variety of rotor sizes, as well as the different levels of automation required to match production volume.

Whether manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, Hofmann’s balancing systems are tailored to fit the electric motor industry. We offer machines that range from small table top models to fully automatic systems designed for high volume production. We provide balancing solutions for a large variety of rotor sizes, from micro armatures to alternators and starter armatures.

Our products for small armature balancing include table-top manual balancing machines, semi- automatic standalone balancing machines and large,

multi-station automatic balancing systems that include integrated correction. Correction options include drilling, milling and nibbling.

All Hofmann balancing systems offer innovative designs, technically advanced measuring systems and reliable safety enclosure options, as well as our easy to use operator interface.

Manual Balancing Machines

Types PCX-7.1 to PCX-19.1

The manual horizontal balancing machines for small armatures range in size from small table top models to large floor stand machines. Hard-bearing technology and force-measuring transducers ensure extremely accurate and sensitive unbalance measurement.

Special features

  • Fully traversable work supports
  • Table top or floor stand machines available to accommodate armature size
  • Rigid hard bearing measuring system with permanent calibration
  • Two plane dynamic balancing capability
  • Static and couple balancing capability
  • PC based electronic measuring system


  • Unbalance measurement of armatures and components
    • Electric motor armature
    • E-motor armature
    • Self-driven assemblies
    • Alternator armature

Semi-Automatic Balancing Systems

Type PCXR-3211C

Hofmann’s semi-automatic balancing systems for small armatures offer multiple stations for unbalance measurement, correction and auditing. Design features are available to minimize changeover time, which provides increased process capability. Our easy to use operator interface enables fast training. Available correction options include drilling, milling, and nibbling.

Special features

  • Semi-automatic standalone balancing machines
  • Quick change tooling which requires no mechanical adjustment necessary for various correction plane distances
  • Operator load and unload only
  • Windows based software
  • Touch screen display
  • Custom designed hardware and software interface available


  • Balancing of armatures in production
    • Electric motor armature
    • Alternator armature
  • Unbalance correction of armatures in production

Fully Automated Balancing Systems

Type PCXR-4211

Fully automated balancing machines for small armatures offer reliable and accurate unbalance measurement and part correction for high volume production. Hofmann balancers use either rotary or inline transfer to reduce cycle time for higher production rates. Our balancers easily integrate into your production lines, both in software control and hardware design.

Our unique correction algorithm limits the number of corrections required to balance a part, thus insuring the maximum achievable throughput.

Special features

  • Multi-station automatic balancing systems for high volume production
  • Integrated control systems, available with conveyor and robot integration
  • Measurement in two planes at both bearing and correction planes
  • Precision V-milling or contour milling on armature stack
  • Servo controlled positioning in the mill insures no mechanical adjustment necessary for various correction plane distances
  • Quick change tooling


  • Balancing of armatures in high volume production
    • Electric motor armature
  • Unbalance correction of armatures in high volume production