Universal Balancing Machines

Hofmann’s horizontal and vertical universal balancing machines are used to precisely balance a wide range of roll and disk shaped rotors. Their modular design makes them adaptable for many balancing tasks. Balancing correction with Hofmann universal balancing machines is performed either manually or manually controlled.

Hofmann’s universal balancing machines are designed so that they can efficiently and precisely balance various types of rotors over a wide weight range. All machines are hard-bearing and have a permanent calibration, which eliminates time consuming calibration runs. The machines can be quickly set up for different rotor types. The first measuring run can be performed immediately after setup is complete.

Hofmann’s unbalance measuring systems for universal balancing machines can be easily set up for a particular balancing task. They are characterized by intuitive operation, clear presentation of data and high accuracy.

All Hofmann universal balancing machines can be equipped with protective devices that eliminate risks to the operator or the machine’s environment.

The unbalance correction with universal balancing machines is usually performed manually or takes place outside of the balancing machine. When many rotors of the same type are balanced on a machine, it may be profitable to integrate a correction unit.

The Hofmann universal balancing solutions are divided into three product categories:

Horizontal Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines

Vertical Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines

Unbalance Measuring Systems