Special Balancing Solutions

The right solution for every rotor.

In the field of special solutions, Hofmann offers machines for high-volume production environments, e.g. for the automotive or electrical industry, which comprise fully automated unbalance correction and are integrated into production lines. High-precision machines are available to the aviation industry, which enable the reliable balancing of aircraft engines.

Flexible rotors from the power generation or oil and gas industries will be balanced on Hofmann high-speed balancing installations in multiple planes up to the maximum service speed. Special Hofmann measuring machines are used to evaluate the runout properties of rotors.


In the automotive industry mainly rotors of the drive train are balanced. Hofmann’s balancing solutions fulfill high requirements in terms of productivity, availability and maintainability.

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Whether it is a single wheel, wheel set, brake disc or ring gear, Hofmann manufactures excellent balancing machines in various expansion stages for all products in the rail vehicle sector.

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Small Armatures and Electric Motors

The solutions to balancing rotors of small armatures and electric motors in series production range from manual single-station machines to fully automated multi-station machines. Unbalance correction is performed e.g. by drilling, milling or caulking of weights.

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Blowers and Pumps

Units to convey air, gases and fluids provide a comfortable climate in rooms and vehicles and ensure that processes run optimally. With intelligent solutions to balance the rotors of these units, Hofmann enables a smooth operation.

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Rotors of aircraft engines are balanced very precisely and according to defined procedures. Hofmann supplies special balancing machines and moment weighing scales for these applications.

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Balancing rotors from turbomachinery requires specific measuring and balancing technology. HOFMANN supplies high-speed balancing installations and runout measuring systems for these applications.

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