Vibration Monitoring, Balancing and Spinning Technology

Universal machines, active balancing systems, portable balancing instruments and special solutions from Hofmann ensure durability and smooth operation.

Every rotating body has an unbalance.

When a rotating body revolves, the unbalance causes dynamic forces; resulting in low efficiency, high bearing loads, wear and noise. At the same time, hazards arise for people, machines and the environment. Therefore, balancing is necessary for modern machines running at high rotational speeds and/or requiring high precision. During the balancing process, changing the mass distribution reduces the forces reduces the vibrations to permissible limits.

New directions in e-mobility.

Electric drive systems for vehicles increasingly become the focus of public attention. Challenges accompany the new possibilities offered by electro mobility; effecting both manufacturers and suppliers. High operating speeds at low unbalance tolerances (increased requirements for low-vibration running rotor behaviour) require precise and reliable rotor balancing.

E-Mobility by Hofmann.

Exploring new pathways witz Hofmann.

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Balancing technology for various applications.

Depending on the type of rotor, different approaches required for balancing the parts/components. For rigid rotors with dynamic unbalance, two axial planes are common to balance the part. For many disc-shaped rotors such as grinding wheels, fans or turbochargers, balancing in one plane suffices. Flexible rotors that run near or pass critical speed ranges during operation usually balanced in more than two planes at various rotational speeds using special methods. Learn more in our product groups:

Universal Balancing Machines

Hofmann universal balancing machines are the solution to precisely balance all kinds of rotors.

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Active Balancing Systems

With Hofmann’s active balancing systems, you can measure and correct unbalance without interrupting operation!

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Portables and Sensors

With Hofmann’s portable vibration meters, balancing instruments, machine and spindle monitors and vibration sensors, you are ideally equipped for local applications.

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Special Solutions

Balancing solutions for high-volume production with automated unbalance correction, precise balancing technology for the aviation industry, and high-speed balancing installations for turbo-rotors and measuring machines.

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Spinning solutions

From contract spinning (hired services within our facility) for prototype production, to series spin benches integrated into your production lines, we have the appropriate solution for every application.

For satisfactory balancing results on the long run.

In order to ensure smooth operations, safety and longevity of the rotors, special applications such as rotor spinning may be mandatory. Depending on the design and condition of the rotors, the initial run-up of the rotors to operating speed can result in an unbalance change due to the settling behaviour of the laminations or the potted magnets. The resulting unbalance may be many times the actual part tolerance.

Prototypes / Series production

For series production, mainly rotors from the drive train require both spining and balancing. Hofmann spin benches offer you the perfect solution for your task, depending on your requirements and design.


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Consulting / Contract Spinning

Would you like to test your rotors for resilience, temperature or vibration behaviour, or even accelerate the rotor to the bursting point? At Hofmann and our partner company deineMaschine, we offer a wide range of solutions for various applications.


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