Contract spinning

Our Service for perfect balancing results

Spinning services at Hofmann Mess- und Auswuchttechnik

Our offer for contract spinning

  • We test your rotors in advance of series production, even for small quantities
  • We undertake the measuring machine and the spin bench setup, including vibration monitoring and the rotor vibration behavior analysis
  • Repeated spin cycles at 16,000 rpm for precise observation of setting behavior
  • Our balancing specialists analyze your component and balance it according to your specification
  • Benefit from the sustainable vibration behavior monitoring and unbalance before and after spinning

Test your rotors

  • ASM motors
  • PSM motors
  • Axial flux motors

Centrifugal force testing at ZAF Europa

Our offer for contract spinning

  • Rotor testing from a few grams to 300 kg and up unto to 300,000 rpm
  • Design, construction and manufacture of rotor mounts and adapters
  • Determination of maximum speeds up to bursting tests
  • Extensive measurement options such as dynamic expansion measurement, trend analysis, tactile measurements, etc.
  • Options such as high-speed camera, heating and cooling
  • Aging tests with climate chamber
  • Detailed test documentation

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Balancing service

Balancing service / Contract balancing / Field balancing
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