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Smooth operation that is on point.
Intelligent Balancing Solutions

Rotors must be optimally balanced to ensure their long-term and fault-free operation. At the same time, the challenges regarding the smooth operation of rotary parts in drives, fans or generators are constantly growing. Hofmann Precision Balancing measures vibrations, calculates the unbalance and corrects it. The result is a smooth rotor operation. To this end, we combine longstanding experience with intelligent and future-oriented solutions. Thanks to continuous research and development, we are pioneering the market and setting new trends.

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Improved procedures help to avoid errors and optimize processes. In our balancing and vibration courses, you will become familiar with state-of-the-art technology.

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Info & Downloads

In our Information & Downloads area, you will find detailed information, technical aids, articles and texts from and about Hofmann.

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Balancing Service

Are your balancing capacities insufficient or do you need special balancing know-how? Our experts are ready to help! We provide contract balancing at our balancing centers or field balancing at your location.

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Career Opportunities

Would you like to join a team that interacts closely and includes strong individual talents? As a dynamic company, we offer many interesting jobs with attractive prospects.

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