E-Mobility Spin bench Series

Spin your rotors in series production

In addition to special balancing solutions, we also offer state-of-the-art rotor spin solutions. In high speed ranges, subsequent shifting or setting likely causes a change in the rotor unbalance.

For ideal balancing results before series production, it is therefore essential to spin the components in the operating speed range.

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Vertical Spin bench type ESV25-AR

Spin bench for e-mobility rotors

The balancing of electric rotors also includes accelerating them to their later operating speed in the vehicle. This run-up to operating speed - also known as spinning - often leads to a shift in the mass of the laminated cores within the rotor, which in turn leads to a changed unbalance.

With regard to the relatively low unbalance tolerances of the E-rotors, a centrifugal process is essential, so that this is part of the balancing of the rotors.

The Hofmann spin benches are available in a horizontal and vertical orientation.

Loading can be done manually or automatically by a robot.

Special Features

  • Compact design
  • Spin speed up to 20.000 rpm (with a maximum component weight of 25 kg)
  • Internal pre-storage device for robot or manual loading
  • Main spindle direct drive with high-precision collet holder
  • Upper clamping point designed with roller clamping head
  • Automatically operated loading door with safety lock and burst protection, designed for the above-mentioned spin speed and the maximum component weight
  • Optionally with integrated active balancing system (AB9000)
  • Easy accessibility for load/unload
  • Central access to media supply
  • Basic equipment with a Siemens PLC
  • Possibility to connect to CAQ / host computer Remote maintenance access


  • Series production of e-anchors from car e-drives

Centrifugal prototype and small batch test stands

Test the resilience of your rotor

In research and development or production in small batches, requires a detailed rotor analysis in both its resiliance and the vibrational behavior. To test limits and possibilities of your products, effective spinning solutions withstand a high-speed range and rotor weight.

For these and other applications, our partner company deineMaschine offers a wide range of solutions.

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eSpin type Spin benches

For the development, prototype testing, quality assurance and rotor production

Spin benches are indispensable for the development, prototype testing, quality assurance and production of rotors to be investigated.

Special features

  • revolutionary electrical direct drive
  • innovative modular system for finest gradations depending on speed and rotor weight
  • variable thrust bearings and diverse motors
  • low-maintenance and high reliability due to the absence of geared components
  • fast and cost-effective direct drives maintenance
  • standardized shaft inlet, almost circumferential cover locking, constructive labyrinth seal and vacuum-tight centrifugal bowl for optimum safety (in case of bursting)
  • Optimized design up to the size of the eSpin 1000 allows direct machine installation on the factory floor: simplified installation and reduced site requirements.
  • Central, computer-based control and data acquisition system with optional extensions
  • Include multiple monitoring systems for safety
  • low noise level with less than 75 dB (A)
  • higher energy efficiency
  • further options available (e.g. heating and rotor cooling, measurement technology for expansion measurement or condition monitoring during endurance tests, telemetry system, high-speed camera)


  • Burst tests (To determine rotor limits and to confirm models)
  • Strength tests (For quality assurance: specified over speed ranges)
  • Material solidification (by accelerating into the flow range of the material)
  • HFC tests (testing engine parts under operating conditions)
  • LCF tests (investigation of material fatigue over time and load changes)