Certified Testing Equipment / 3D-CMM Measurements from Hofmann

Every balancing machine is a measuring system and must be inspected regularly. With our certification service, we ensure that your calibration rotors, master rotors and test weights are within required specification and tolerance. This means that you can always rely on the precision of your balancing machine.

Certified testing equipment – the technical control for your calibration and master rotors

To ensure that balancing machines and devices operate in a reliable and traceable manner in the long term, we offer you a continuous annual re-certification of your testing equipment. That consists of calibration or master rotors with the associated testing and calibration weights.

Re-certification of master parts. Are you wondering if your calibration rotor or master rotors are still suitable for inspecting your machine? To ensure that you are prepared for the next audits, Hofmann will take over the regular re-certification of existing and new parts used for the testing of balancing machines.

Production of certified master parts. Hofmann offers master parts according to individual customer requirements in the following designs:

  • Standard calibration rotors as per DIN ISO 21940 – 21 and SAE ARP 4162
  • Master rotors from modified original parts
  • Master rotors similar to original parts
  • Test weights, incl. special designs such as bob weights for crankshafts

As part of the certification / re-certification, Hofmann provides:

  • Geometric measurement of the rotor
  • Checking of the residual unbalance and re-balancing if required
  • Checking of the calibration weights

Reminder service. You don’t have to worry at all about your re-certification. Hofmann offers comprehensive re-certification management including a personalized reminder service.

3D-CMM Measurements as Service. Hofmann offers high precise geometrical 3D measurements of your parts, from rotationally symmetrical components to complex ones Free-form surface measurement based on a CAD model. The parts for testing may be prototype parts or serial production parts. Every measurement includes a report with environmental conditions, results, accuracies and a method description. You are facing with a critical measuring task? We solve it! Feel free to contact us!

Hofmann introduces DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for 3D-CMM Measurements shortly

For assuring best quality of our balancing machines and it´s calibration rotors and test weights Hofmann is working on a separate certification according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The standard will be established at Hofmann by the end of 2021 and will be applied on 3D-CMM measurements for test rotors and weight determination of calibration weights.

The advantages for our customers are as following:

  • Use of certified test rotors and calibration weights
  • Traceability of unbalance on national measurement standards (kg, m)
  • Confidence and legal certainty for the customers
  • Comply with quality and customer requirements

Hofmann owns a DAkkS (German instiute for ISO/IEC 17025 standard) calibrated 3D-CCM machine from Wenzel with a accuracy of 1.6 µm, an air-conditioned measuring room (class 2) and several DAkkS calibrated scales. The measuring staff is trained according to AUKOM standards with long term experience. All processes are described in a quality handbook.

Hofmann is offering their expertise for calibration of your test rotors, weights or even other 3D measurements.

Direct contact to the Hofmann certification service:
Tel.: +49.6157.949.327
Fax: +49.6157.949.100

Weighing & 3D Part Measurement in the Grade 2 Measuring Room in Pfungstadt (according to VDE 2627)

Do you have questions regarding the shape and position tolerances of your products? We offer reliable and precise measurement with fast turn around service. This includes the measuring and weighing of production parts and master parts, a comprehensive document management including report creation according to customer request and the traceability of measurement results. To ensure this quality, we rely on high-precision measuring technology:

DAkkS 3D coordinate measuring machine of the type Wenzel LH 87

  • Measuring range: X = 800 mm, Y = 1000 mm, Z = 700 mm
  • Accuracy: (1.6 + L/350 mm) µm L = measured length in mm
  • Probe: Mitutoyo Renishaw PH10M Plus
  • Scanning measurement possible
  • Software: Quartis R15

DAkkS-calibrated scale Sartorius Secura 224

  • Mass up to 220 g
  • Accuracy: 0.1 mg

DAkkS-calibrated scale Satorius SIWAEDG 3

  • Mass up to 32 kg
  • Accuracy: 0.5 g