Balancing and Vibration Seminars Offered by Hofmann

Hofmann is strongly involved in balancing technology. Worldwide, over 250 Hofmann specialists are working daily to ensure that rotors of all types operate as smoothly as possible. That practical knowledge and skill will be shared with you in our seminars.

Avoid mistakes, improve processes, increase efficiency!

Balancing technology is subject to constant development. Improved procedures help to avoid mistakes and improve processes. Those who make use of these advantages save time and costs. It is exactly this knowledge that we share in our balancing and vibration seminars. Become familiar with state-of-the-art technology and contribute to improving the competitiveness of your company.

Benefit from these advantages

  • Extensive range of balancing and vibration seminars available
  • Special seminar topics as requested
  • Clear knowledge transfer using practical examples
  • Learn from experienced and skilled specialists
  • Comprehensive seminar handouts
  • Hofmann certificate as proof of attendance
  • Seminars can be held at the Hofmann location or at your premises

Balancing seminars

  • Basics of balancing technology
  • Balancing in serial production
  • Balancing of crankshafts
  • Balancing of rotors from jet engines
  • Balancing of flexible rotors
  • Balancing under operating conditions


  • Balancing for application engineers
  • Optimization of balancing processes
  • Machine operation
  • Checking of balancing machines
  • Maintenance of balancing machines

Special seminars

  • Basics of vibration analysis
  • Rotordynamics – vibrations of rotor-bearing-systems

Upcoming Seminar Dates

The Balancing Institute

  • July 30th - August 1st 2024
  • American Hofmann Corporation, 3700 Cohen Place, Lynchburg, VA 24501

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