Balancing Machines for Fans

The solution possibilities offered by Hofmann are as varied as the requirements. On the basis of a specially developed module kit, the right solution can be generated to meet almost every requirement. If a task requires more than our module kit already covers, we will expand it accordingly.

For motorized fans (DC, AC or EC motors), there are generally two concepts - vertical or horizontal. Hofmann has proven solutions for both concepts. Because manual machines are often used in the field of fan balancing, Hofmann places special emphasis on usability. No matter what the solution looks like, it is always about precise measuring technology with the greatest possible support for the operator.

Precise balancing of fan wheels always requires a high-precision measuring spindle in connection with a secure clamping tool. That’s why Hofmann has been working for years with local spindle and clamping device manufacturers who are familiar with the field of balancing and the corresponding requirements.

Loading, unloading and unbalance correction may be manual or automatic in these machines.

Dynamic Vertical Balancing Machine for Fans in Air Conditioners

Type VHK11E

The VHK11E is designed for the balancing of fans and blowers. The impellers may be designed as radial or axial wheels.

Special features

  • Hard-bearing, horizontal balancing machine in single-station or two-station design
  • Small space requirement due to compact design
  • High-precision measuring system with a resolution < 0.1 gmm and a large speed range
  • Measuring direction can be selected by rotary base plate (option)
  • Sliding guard optimized for easy operation (lightweight design) with magnetic lock
  • Optimum support of the operator during balancing by current angle display with the aid of blade counting
  • Easy and fast setup of process-reliable blade counting (fully automatic as an option)
  • Short retooling times due to standardized interface (mechanical and electrical systems) for part tooling
  • Intuitive machine operation (flat and clear operating structure)
  • Free customization of parameters for the measuring process (unbalance, current, speed) for each type
  • Individual screens integrated in the stations (option)
  • Easy to maintain, since all parts are accessible from the front
  • Statistics package to optimize a process (option)
  • Automatic retooling of the blade counting sensors


  • Balancing and testing of fans and blowers with AC, DC or EC motors
  • Tandem design for short cycle time (t < 30 s)

Additional product information

Dynamic Vertical Balancing Machine for Motor Cooling Fans

Type VVK11.2

The VVK11.2 is designed for vertical balancing of fan wheels in two planes.

Special features

  • Hard-bearing two-plane machine
  • High-precision spindle with standardized interface for part tooling and automatic clamping/unclamping
  • Compact operating panel with 19" touchscreen und operating keys
  • Smooth pivot guard with automatic opening mechanism
  • Broad spectrum of tooling (manual and automatic clamping)
  • Option: Integrated RUN-OUT measurement (tactile & optical)


  • Vertical balancing of fan wheels in two planes
  • Measuring and correction of unbalance
  • Measurement of axial runout
  • Measurement of radial runout