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Industrial Balancing Training

Balancing Theory and Application
Balancing Machine Operation

Hofmann seminars and training are designed for manufacturing and maintenance personnel who want to learn more about industrial balancing. Our trainers are experienced balancing experts who understand both the theory and the day-to-day challenges of balancing spinning parts. We offer several learning opportunities, as described below.

"The Balancing Institute" Seminar

Next class: October 24 - 25, Lynchburg, Virginia
Registration Form  (pdf file, 149 kB)

Our intensive, 2-day balancing seminar combines classroom and hands-on learning at our facility or yours. The Balancing Institute covers the following:

We can also bring this seminar to you with focus on your specific balancing applications.

"Balancing of Flexible Rotors" Seminar

This seminar is intended for both design engineers and specialists who balance high-speed, flexible rotors. Topics include the following:

Customized, Hands-On Training at Your Facility

Want to learn more about your existing balancing machine and its operation? Our expert staff of field service technicians can provide comprehensive, onsite training on your Hofmann balancers and balancing applications... at your facility, anywhere in the world.

While there, we can also analyze your current balancing procedures and recommend alternate methods (if needed) to achieve greater throughput, increased reliability, and tighter tolerances.