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Automotive Balancing Machines

Hofmann:  Expertise with Global Experience
in the Automotive Industry

Hofmann provides fully automatic, semi- automatic, and manual balancing machines to all major automobile manufacturers and many automotive suppliers. Our quality, expertise, and customer-focus keep us a preferred provider for leading automotive companies and cutting-edge engine designers.

Automotive Production Line Balancing

Hofmann is a leader in automated production flow and robot integration for today´s automotive industry. We ensure that our balancers easily tie into your production lines. Our balancing machines are laid-out in compact, efficient designs, both rotory and inline. Options include conveyor systems for either individual or palletized part handling and integrated correction units.

Integrated Correction Units.  Hofmann understands that any correction process must preserve the integrity of your rotor´s design. We excel in the following:

Easily Configured Controls.   Flexible PC-Based controls enable Hofmann balancing machines to fit the electrical and communications requirements of your plant or unique process line. Features include the following:

Manual Balancing Machines

To meet the lower-volume balancing needs of smaller automotive shops and aftermarket suppliers, Hofmann provides simpler manual or semi-automatic balancers. Like all of our balancing machines, these smaller systems incorporate a precision measuring system and user-friendly operator interface with optional correction units.