Application example: MillTurn, high-speed rotary table in machining production

With the active balancing system AB 9000 from Hofmann, it is possible to optimize the production process, especially when milling and turning (MillTurn) asymmetrical parts.

In MillTurn processes, parts are changed asymmetrically by milling, i.e. they are no longer rotationally symmetrical. This leads to a strong centrifugal force load during a subsequent turning operation. Cutting parameters have to be changed and the speed has to be reduced in order to be able to maintain the product quality.

These process-related imbalances often have to be pre-balanced by adding counterweights. The size and position of these weights have to be calculated and attached manually, which leads to a significant extension of the manufacturing process time.

PROBLEM: Imbalance is caused by

  • Asymmetrical change in mass during the process due to milling
  • Asymmetrically structured parts
  • Inhomogeneous component properties, e.g. Casting tolerances

SOLUTION: The fully integrated AB 9000 active balancing system from Hofmann

  • Imbalances can be corrected automatically during the rotary table is rotating; no stopping required
  • A significantly lower vibration level is achieved and the surface quality is improved
  • The production process is optimized through the now possible increase in speed
  • Automatic correction of unbalance, including clamping fixtures and any clamping errors